It has been quite a hard tasks writing for me lately. I know a lot of people goes through this same rut. It’s not really writer’s block, but more of when to write, and what to post. It has been a big learning curve to get out of my usual, trying to write new content and interesting content every single day. Life happens, you know. After writing over 2,000 posts on my blog, it’s time for a change. Just as how a tv show has episodes and a certain time shows come on, well so will my blog.

I will be incorporating more videos and infogrpahic post with my writings to bring rich media and engagement for best results. I want people to win, believe, challenge and evolve. By blog was more of a home for creative & abstract thoughts and media, but I finally will take it further as I always wanted to be hub/reference of self-improvement and self-development. It will still have all the core values, but more relatable content and real conversations that people today are afraid to talk about.


“Keeping being prepared, so you don’t have to get prepared.”


So with no further ado, my new writing schedule, that may have a few surprises along the way. My writing schedule will be Monday to Thursday each week. On those days will have blend of articles and curated content I feel are very helpful and carrying on the values I believe in. My goal is to have 2-3 new articles written by myself each and every week. I feel this is manageable and something good to work towards. Also I use to release my works at night, but I have a new format to release them at key time of the day, for best interaction and reading. As you know the world is very busy and traffic of other creators can clog your works from being seen, so it’s best to have a standard and schedule and follow it.

I hope you continue to support and be happy with the new direction and focus on this blog.

“Life Life Unscripted”

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It’s Happening Again

So words from the mind is not flowing, writers block. Oh no, but nope it’s more like I don’t feel like writing. Then again I squeezed these words out. 🙂 Yea.

Have a great weekend

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Writing Sabbatical

Barnes & Noble at The Shops at Tanforan mall i...
Barnes & Noble at The Shops at Tanforan mall in San Bruno, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So here I am fresh of my writing sabbatical, I am looking around and my blog looks empty.  No shocker there, but then I saw a reflection in my computer screen and it was me, and I was pissed.  How the heck haven’t I written anything on my blog in almost a good week and a half?  That madness.  Then I took a look on my bed and seen couple of dents based on all the freedom I had jumping in it and sleeping and etc. then I changed my expression into a smile.

Sometimes you just need a time off from writing.  I was working on too many fronts managing an epic amount of work load, music album, independently publishing a book, and trying to writing scripts for my youtube channel and working on a short film.  I felt like I was exceeding words, so I shutdown.  I had been blogging for over 4 years consistently and since last year, I had enrolled in blogging everyday.  Yup I said it, 365, ouch.

Shutting down is sometimes good, and it refuel you.  You get to let out fresh thoughts and new perspectives and other elements of life that happen during your absent.  I am more than ready to fill in the blank, but guess what I am back.  I am ready to entertain and kick some blogging butt.

Have you ever taken a writing sabbatical?  Have you ever had writers block?

Thanks for reading

PS: I have also been reading.  I think I am addicted right now.  I think amazon is going to send me a nice bill with the books I am about to buy and have bought.  Also poor ol Barnes and Noble shall be seeing my face very often.