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Afternoon Naps

Today, June 11th my eyes could not stay open, it’s nap nap time after work. Afternoon naps in the summer months are a big delight to me. To come home and cozy up after a shower, some water and cool breeze in the bed or couch just to refresh is the best thing I could have asked for. Now, sometimes those naps turn into sleeps, or full rest, and hey your body is communicating to stay your behind in rest mode. Your body tends to look out for your best interests. 🙂

Naps have their benefits.

  • Refocused mind set.
  • Body is rested before a long journey.
  • Just a little tlc needed to get pass a stressful day.
  • An opportunity to start moving so much.
  • Another way to show your pillow some love, and slow down.

Do you enjoy naps?
Do your naps tends to be more in a certain season of the year?

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Naturally, I can’t complain because far too many things don’t stay the same when it comes to me. I am always improving and always ready to change or adapt to meaningful results. Today was a smooth and intelligent day of time management and also a calm relief of happiness knowing my next commitments are very powerful.

Sometimes the world sends you reminders and pats on the back of goals or a journey you are willing to take. So when you hear those reassurance, you feel more compelled to follow through.

Better Health & Fitness
Better Skin Care and Self Care
Smarter techniques to be more disciplined

The items mentioned above are all the things I kept hear coming through every single interaction I had today. I am happy to notice it and is ready to keep the focus alive.

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Wow, can’t believe I am writing this… (ha ha).  🙂  Wish me luck!

To the Cute Girl At the Gym:

How can I say this?  I don’t do this often, and I probably ain’t going to do this well, but I am confident I want to be your friend.  I see you doing your reps and getting it in.  We glance at each other now and then, it really gets interesting.  How quickly we look away when our eyes meet, it’s quite funny and oh so sweet, then we are back in our modes, working out, doing our thing.

I can tell you are about that life of happy moments and looking out for your health, so I ain’t going to try to run up on you being like other guys and over-step.  I know there are boundaries and ways you are to treat and approach a lady, but I can’t sit back and wait, got to live in the present, just maybe.  Tomorrow ain’t promised, and if it is real then everything good will come true, I just wanted to say hello, what’s your name, and how much a really wanted to meet you.

What’s your name?  My name is _________
I have seen you a number of times and just wanted to introduce myself.  I hope you are not thrown off my the way I have approached you, I really had to give it a try, I hope you see you around more, and can politely greet each other with Hi’s and Good-Bye’s. 🙂


I find writing letters cute and exciting.  I wish people meet up more and chat and write letters.  Words are such powerful things we all know, but some tend to can’t use them well.  In that sense, you should want to step your game up. 🙂

Over and Out.


Let me know your thoughts…

Question: Have you wrote a random open letter to someone to think you might like or like?


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Richardo A. Wilson