As this day comes every year, I can’t help but think differently on people and bring in so much more insight for I am learning so much more about the past. The unlocked secrets become present.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

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You Going To Find It Hard To Stereotype Me

Thinking RFID
Thinking RFID (Photo credit: @boetter)

We live in a crazy world of habits, thoughts, opinions and expressions.  We can judge other based on a set of stereotype, racial attributes, psychical or social tendencies.  But should we judge?  Even the people who say the don’t judge, actually judges.  It’s how we live.  I use to judge, but now I encourage.  I been this way for quite some time.  I made myself a sample or a result of my thoughts and opinions.  I created a self that is actually me, that breaks all stereotypes I fit in.  I am the master ninja I call myself.  I adapted techniques, I have thought by example, I have created results in others.

People that I encounter find it hard to put me in a category, and when they do, I shock them with my diverse ability, sense of self, and my spontaneous love.  So don’t you judge a book by its cover, you have not read the leaves, their past and haven’t witness where they are going to be in the future.

Do you judge others?  Do others judge you?  Does any stereotypes stick to you?  Did you know you can BREAK THEM ALL?

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