Conference call, oh yes that happened today. Today was my first conference call for the company I work for. It was painless but it reminded me of how much I hate conference calls.

Got hurt at work today, sad I know, and it happened pretty much 5 mins before I clocked out. Just my luck.

Made it to a friend’s music studio session. I am so happy for her. We are like so good friends. To celebrate almost 7 years of making music. It was a proud moment to see her evolution.

Without no delay, I made it to the gym via a client cancelled an appt. So well today was a good day.

Richardo… 🙂



Today I saw someone break. It’s the same pain people felt when they need more positivity and opportunities. These things can change your mood and mental. I met a few happy people today, raving with delight. I worked in Manhattan and had an appetite, so pizza was on my plate and lots of water.

Wine and Dine and Time.

Merlot, Brandy, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon = $30.45

Life is good, it just more pillows and netflix. 🙂



Naturally, I can’t complain because far too many things don’t stay the same when it comes to me. I am always improving and always ready to change or adapt to meaningful results. Today was a smooth and intelligent day of time management and also a calm relief of happiness knowing my next commitments are very powerful.

Sometimes the world sends you reminders and pats on the back of goals or a journey you are willing to take. So when you hear those reassurance, you feel more compelled to follow through.

Better Health & Fitness
Better Skin Care and Self Care
Smarter techniques to be more disciplined

The items mentioned above are all the things I kept hear coming through every single interaction I had today. I am happy to notice it and is ready to keep the focus alive.

Photo by AbsolutVision