As this day comes every year, I can’t help but think differently on people and bring in so much more insight for I am learning so much more about the past. The unlocked secrets become present.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon


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True Power and Faith Comes From Within

English: English singer Amanda Wilson
English: English singer Amanda Wilson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Life is hard when people don’t believe in you, so take the power into your own hands and believe in yourself.”
– Richardo
*True Power & Faith Comes From Within*

A lot of people don’t get support from friends and family and even worse the people they love.  It’s hard to keep the strength and progress when people don’t believe in you.  But the ultimate crime is you not believing in yourself.  They may never see what you see, they may never achieve what you want to achieve, or even go the distance you are willing to go.  So to correct the wrong of the world turning their back on you, you need to look in the mirror, love yourself, and say to yourself, “We about to do this.”

What do you think?  Do you need help being a better you?  Do you believe in yourself?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson