As the weekend approaches,
What is there to do?
Sit a home,
Looking so down,
I can see my shoes,
I can also see my feet,
Going nowhere fast,
I wish I had chase,
When waiting it out,
Until everything past.


Let me know what is approaching for you this weekend?

Photo by Jeff Kepler

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OMG, as the clock tic’s and toc’s, the year is over, Farewell 2016, you made me a better man and believer.  You have made it the year I reached 1,000,000 views on my website.  WOW, I have achieved it.


Let’s celebrate…So 2016, this is what happened…

  1. My website has been viewed 347,000 times…wow, that total beats last year views of 250,000 in a year.  Currently I am clocking in a over 1,000,000 views and counting…
  2. I released (3) Music Albums on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play for the (1st time).
    Not only did I release 1, I went for 3 albums in a year…
  3. Got to HOST/EMCEE for the WORDPRESS’s WORDCAMP 2016 at the UNITED NATIONS in Manhattan New York… OMG.  (1st time at the UN)
  4. I released (3) poetry albums and a music zen EP project as well… I have been working I guess..
  5. Ummm, no light thing, I bought a CAR.  I was like WOW, that happened.  Crazy.
  6. I was promoted 4 times in 1 whole year at work… Can you say, I was a beast at my work duties and excelling in many genres of work.
  7. Started (2) New Businesses… More to come on those venture in 2017.
  8. WON FREE INK FOR 1 YEAR (twice) all my printing needs are FREE. 🙂
  9. I finally went to a few NEW VENUES (1st time):  The HAUS, MET BREUR, BROOKLYN BREWERY,
  10. Made it in the MANAGER’S CLUB at work, and DINNER was served at the Lobster House in City Island… OMG the FOOD WAS AMAZING, and I didn’t have to pay for nothing…
  11. Ummm, no a big deal, finally went to the strip club for the 1st time… Bachelor Party duties… I know it’s the internet and you need not share everything, but hey… It happened, what can I say.
  12. Went GO CARTING in ATLANTIC CITY… OMG, swag fun…will be back for more.
  13. Blessed by the great folks at FITBIT, as they sent me a BRAND NEW FITBIT ALTA, to replace my old FitBit Charge… kudos to them, I love FitBit.  Add me if you got one by the way…
  14. Went to the ANNUAL New York City – Poetry Festival on Governor’s Island… (1st time)
  15. Went to the Central Park Zoo, (1st time).
  16. Finally, got my NYC ID, free museums, free goodies, all over NYC…
  17. Got my FIRST ID CARD rocking my so so awesome highlight of the year, MOHAWK… You truly can’t beat that.
  18. Created a record without knowing it, I performed in 3 boroughs in New York City, in one day, and 3 separate performances
  19. Saw my NEW YORK FC SOCCER CLUB reached 1 spot and the PLAYOFFS this year, and saw one of my favorite soccer player of all time Frank Lampard play… GO CHELSEA.
  20. I bought 3 Chelsea Soccer Jersey in One Year.
  21. My Favorite Soccer Team in the WORLD, Chelsea FC in #1 in the Premier League as of 12/31/16.  16 Wins, 1 Draw, 2 Loses…on 13 games winning streak. OMG
  22. Finally hit all EXPO’s this year.  ART EXPO 2016 (1st time), IMSTA FESTA music conference (5th year), PHOTO EXPO 2016 (8th year), add COMIC CON to the list next year…
  23. Went to my 1st Time Share Presentation… very interesting stuff.  lol
  24. I was fortunate to give away (2) computers to friends…
  25. I rode a BIKE all around GOVERNOR’S ISLAND…fun fun fun.
  26. Performed at my 1st (MAKE MUSIC NY) day June 21st…and it just so happened to be there 10th Anniversary.
  27. I put it out in the world I wanted to perform at the NEW MALL AT BAY PLAZA the beginning of 2016 as a major goal, and I got to achieve that GOAL in 2016 successful… (I am a believer in faith).
  28. Performed at my 1st, WILDFIRE poetry EVENT at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe
  29. I had my PALM READ of the 1st time (super accurately….OMG was my mind blown)…
  30. I got to see my best FRIEND COREY this year, and he so happily drove me to work and picked me up from work, he is such a great friend.
  31. I got to spend time with my best friend (CHRIS & KAREEM) in ALBANY NEW YORK (1st time there) and to also hear CHRIS is ENGAGED and going to get married.  Happy for my guy.
  32. Got to see another best friend NICK get married, he is an amazing guy and great father… I was fortunate to be the videographer at his wedding and spend time around his family and friends…
  33. Went to the Museum of Sex (2nd time), and jumped around in a BOUNCE A BOUT which was totally filled with NIPPLES & BREASTS, smh, a boob tried to eat my whole…
  34. Performed 4 times at the super awesome, INSPIRED WORD NYC poetry circuit and released a mini book at a Writer’s Event in which some of my really good friends came out to support, much love to Tanita, Kennie Dubb, Marlon, Ray, Ania…and I did my best OPRAH impression and EVERYONE GOT A BOOK….
  35. THANK GOD for PS4…. Loving FIFA 2017, NEED FOR SPEED and UNCHARTED 4…I can finally play video games again…THANK YOU.
  36. Been to 3 different GYMS in 1 year, I really take care of my body… Planet Fitness, LA Fitness and Sports Fitness…  (more handstands for me) 🙂
  37. I finally got back into buying Christmas Gifts… I bought my brother a pair of sneakers….he deserved it… and gifts for my little kiddies that happen to be growing up fast…

Well I can say this year challenged me a lot… it really tested my faith, tested my morales and mental, tested my body, I took more risks, I took a major lost in my life as a way to successfully survive later on in my life.  I connected back with family, I helped friends, changed my lifestyle a lot, but after such a year called 2015, I didn’t think topping it was possible, and after looking back and what I did on this epic list, I can say I did good…



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All I can say is what a year…Now I have other things to focus on.  Every year, I got to be changing and getting better at other things.  Let’s see what 2017 has got for me.



Let me know your thoughts…

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Richardo A. Wilson


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It’s quite a shame and blessing how you caught my eyes.  I was there doing reps, trying to get my arms right, and out of nowhere you came to all the 3 machines in front of me to work out.  You were making twerking motions in my direction, our eyes locked in a few times.  I tried to look away as many men would keep on staring at a beautiful women in the gym trying to get her workout in, and being pretty naughty in thoughts.  I was naturally trying to workout and not be another stat.  But there you were bending over in front of me, in your tights, no headphones, so there was no music for you to be swinging your hips to.  I know I occasionally make up a tune and dance to it or flow while in the gym to get the good energy to carry me into my workouts.  The moment you created for us, was special, I thought I was getting punked, maybe just maybe you were teasing me, but I just wasn’t sure.  twerking-in-the-gym

Would it be proper to come over and ask you, what those actions or your intentions were?  Maybe it wasn’t towards me and was just your natural body movements, or workout set.  You can see how I am at a lost of words for what was happening.  It’s hard trying to be a decent gentleman when some sort of temptation is thrown your way.

You are quite a beauty I occasionally saw in the gym, as our workout days and times seem to not be in sync, in which I so so which they were.  If that was so then would I be given a better opportunity to approach you the right way to say hello.  You are the right flavor of mocha, wishing on one of these cold days I can invite you out for cocoa, and a lovely conversation.  Maybe next time I will have to say hi, for it seems my days with you may be numbered…

To be continued…


Let me know your thoughts…

Out of pure inspiration I wanted to write, random miscellaneous love letters, I hope you enjoy them…

Question: Have a girl or guy ever intentionally try to get in front of you to get your attention?

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