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Afternoon Naps

Today, June 11th my eyes could not stay open, it’s nap nap time after work. Afternoon naps in the summer months are a big delight to me. To come home and cozy up after a shower, some water and cool breeze in the bed or couch just to refresh is the best thing I could have asked for. Now, sometimes those naps turn into sleeps, or full rest, and hey your body is communicating to stay your behind in rest mode. Your body tends to look out for your best interests. 🙂

Naps have their benefits.

  • Refocused mind set.
  • Body is rested before a long journey.
  • Just a little tlc needed to get pass a stressful day.
  • An opportunity to start moving so much.
  • Another way to show your pillow some love, and slow down.

Do you enjoy naps?
Do your naps tends to be more in a certain season of the year?

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If life taught me anything, one of the best gem in life is when you realize, self worth and value comes from you. You have the choice in life to make decisions, and when you do, if you put as much energy, time and focus you do everything else into yourself, you are doing something major.

Here are a few pointers:

  1. Do things you love to do. (If you don’t know what you love, ask a close friend or family, what makes you glow and excited and engaged, based on what they have observed.
  2. Weekly/Monthly reflections. (As time goes by you may learn, you change, you grow. If could be for the better or the worse, but you should be able to see your habits and what those results of habits or choice create for you. Measuring your successes and failures, will put you on a grand road to how you are as a person.)

Hopefully my basic tips helped you see something special about yourself today. 🙂

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris

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Today, June 8th is a special love to me. It’s a day that symbolize hard work and focus. Today I achieve a credit score goal. It was like interesting story how it happened.

I needed 12 points to reach to exceptional, and I got exactly that. I couldn’t believe it. The actions of the day it self added to the bonus of the amazing feeling.

I woke up, cleaned the house, organized some items. I knew today I wanted ride my bike and satisfy three clients I had for the day. First thing first, I had a delayed project I needed to finish for a client and there was no way I was going to go outside and not complete. Upon completing the graphic work task for my client, I receive a new task from another client. I knew today was going to be special once clients projects start stacking up.

Bam, I knocked out both client’s tasks by 8am, and already showered and got ready make this bike riding moves. Went for a beautiful ride around my community and felt so fulfilled I called my next client and let them know I am on the way. My client was like super happy to hear from me, as she been a client for over 7 years, which is crazy to me to say. She is a lovely older lady that needed some computer troubles fixed. I helped her out and I was on my way.

6am to 10am

Completed Graphic work for YouTube Channel Banner and Photoshop Templating for my music client. [Completed]

Website editing and content management for another music client. [Completed]

Went outside to exercise and bike ride( push ups, handstands, jumping jacks, crunches…). [Completed]

Help client with computer issues & sound issue. [Completed]

Worked out and watch balloons hit the sky… so lovely. [Completed]

10am to 2pm

More working out and riding bike and thoughts on how to record videos again. [Completed]

Ate breakfast. (Ackee & Salt fish with Plantains) [Completed]

2pm to 6pm

Got home and took a nap, that turned in a rest. [Completed]

Woke up to credit score update, Experian. OMG. MAJOR LIFE GOAL. [Completed]

Got so excited I went back to exercise, and a run. [Completed]

Ate a late lunch… Salad [Completed]

6pm to 10pm

Still outside working out, at the park. (25lb weight curls, overhead presses, squats…) [Completed]

Home sweet home, and made a $250 investment into a soon to be announced project. (arriving thursday) [Completed]

Clean, Showered, Clean, Reflection of Day. [Completed]

10pm to 12am

Writing my blog post about my day to be published. [Completed]

My Day June 8th…. Wow.

I am working out these new design of writing template which will be in the form of vlogs on my youtube channel soon enough. 🙂

I believe in #Action
I believe in #Purpose
I believe in #Results
I believe in #Accomplishment
I believe in #Moments in Life & #Memories

If I can say how much Life Points & Experience Points I made today… Hmmmm

LP: 50

EXP: 85

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