Just when I thought I created a new thread, it becomes a trend. Repetition builds habits and habits build a bond. It’s just to keep building something stronger, going forward.

Today I had my limits, and autopilot kicked in. I stressed less, did my best, and overcame when my back against the wall.

Thank you New York City, for showing my hardships.



Sacrificing Joy For Pain

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I have been a really bad boy lately.  I haven’t been finishing up my ideas and my creative projects into progressive weekly ventures.  I been working and put things together but I have really been missing quite a few deadlines and not putting certain projects and assignments to my top priority.  I will not apologize for doing so, for the work I have been doing in the background was very important and really needed a lot of attention, but there has been joy and video game playing and random falling asleep that resulted in lack of productivity.

I am not saying is wrong to have fun and enjoy the good things in life, but I am really trying to say, make a better schedule to enjoy your fun, and not linger with your priorities.  I still trying to lock down backing up my files, erasing emails amount other things I must do, but it’s about to be December its lock down season.  Time to focus, create, produce and execute finished results.

Things I will be Sacrificing:

– Watching Netflix at home.
– Playing Video games more than 2 hours per day. (I don’t even play that much anyways)
– Also the time spent researching new developments in technology. (I am an information junkie 😦 )

By sacrificing some of my joys in life, I shall be able to finish my new website, produce my new video series, have a versatile photography portfolio around the web, be a better manager, and also be able to advertise and network with others like myself in my industry.  The pain starts today.

Can you sacrifice your joy for pain in getting things done?  Do you thing pain and struggle is needed in order to progress in life?

Thanks for reading


Is This How You Did It Again? There is still hope for me…


Ummm it’s no mystery I have not been blogging regularly as I use to.  I must admit I have quite some grounds of work to make up for my disappearance.  They never said life was going to easy, and I know for a fact my life is not very simple lived as some may think.  Other people, well friends such as my oh so cool ever so fresh Ray J would say, “Man I can’t keep up with you dude, you do too much stuff, but I check you out now and then when I get the chance.”  I appreciate him for that, that’s a real true friend right there.

Among other good and best friends I may have, are still missing in action, but again, I am a realist and everyone has their drama in life at times, but it’s when they show back up is when you know they are always and will still be there for you.

I been to hell and back with my new work schedule and my broke-ness, people not taking me serious, people wanting FREE PHOTOGRAPHY but loves my work.  I guess they feel because I don’t over expose myself as other people or professionals, I must not be paid for my SUPER DOPE services.   It’s guess been a real battle for the past last month.  November came in and KICKED ME in the face.

But besides all the craziness and madness going on, I still am sane on the inside.  I hold in the pain and struggle and turn it into creativity.  Though I don’t get to show off my super cool creative projects as yet, I still believe in them and they shall  see the day of light.

I feel my blog is really my diary and journal, and it has helped me become a better person, and I just know, I will be back on my feet.  Actually today is my day to rise and be myself again.  Blog I miss you….

Check out my BOMB DIGGITY new video talking about what I am now saying in this post…

Thanks to everyone who cares, I appreciate you.

Are you still with me?  Do you still care?

Thanks for reading