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Afternoon Naps

Today, June 11th my eyes could not stay open, it’s nap nap time after work. Afternoon naps in the summer months are a big delight to me. To come home and cozy up after a shower, some water and cool breeze in the bed or couch just to refresh is the best thing I could have asked for. Now, sometimes those naps turn into sleeps, or full rest, and hey your body is communicating to stay your behind in rest mode. Your body tends to look out for your best interests. ūüôā

Naps have their benefits.

  • Refocused mind set.
  • Body is rested before a long journey.
  • Just a little tlc needed to get pass a stressful day.
  • An opportunity to start moving so much.
  • Another way to show your pillow some love, and slow down.

Do you enjoy naps?
Do your naps tends to be more in a certain season of the year?

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As I sit waiting,
For something,
To approach me,
And interact,
I think to myself,
What time,
Will be my time.

In these times, we just wonder, what’s next? Can I have a time to shine that’s not taken away. And we sit and we wait, just not knowing.

Photo by Erik Mclean 

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I am alive today. I made it pass yesterday good or bad, but I am alive today. I don’t know about tomorrow, but for now, I am alive today. Tomorrow is not here yet, but be happy for today and now. Don’t feel down about yourself for feeling okay about your life as other’s may be going through a very different situation. Protect your energy and be thankful. In life just be there for others and be humble about life itself.

Photo by Dave Goudreau

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