Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart



I am a very proud man when it comes to my work. I try to innovate, I try to disrupt, I try to humble myself. I am very competitive inside and out. I just don’t show my true face outside. You can read my ambitions at face value, but you will never see the depth I think things through.

So I felt it was going to be a important year or half of year for the last remaining months of 2019. I forecasted change, I ramble a few trees and leaves, and the same things I wrote, I spoke, they came to be.

The theme for today, was I walked into a tree and the leaves fell. I got a promotion at work this year, and it was told to me, I wasn’t going to get another increase in pay. I was not fine with that. I accepted the fact that they said it, but as I go to work I can’t help just excitedly limits and bounds, and was going to figure out a way to be recognized. If the most talented person in the room and person who bought back the best results was winning for you, would you deny their worth? I felt it was a no. I remember 2016 when my general manager for a store I worked at, said to me, I was capped from a raise, or my pay would not change, and I told him at that point, what’s the point in staying.

I told him give my worse position in the store no one wants to do and I will change it around. He didn’t believe I was serious, and gave me the chance to fail. I thanked him. I went on to break records and succeeded at that role and 3 other roles in the organization and received 3 raises in that one year. We were the best store in the region and highly competitive. The difference makers was me.

I love to win,
I fight to win,
I fight for my team to win,
I don’t stop until I win,
I enjoy the struggle,
I pop bubbles,
Even when I stumble,
I still go hard.

I wrote this to say, never give up on yourself. Trust the process, take risks, always count on yourself. I shake trees for money and growth in every single thing I do. You can too. So when they say it’s impossible, show them that it’s not.

So today, I walked into work and was welcome with a letter for a raise. My manager fought for my increase as I told him from when I got the promotion I am here to delivery a team culture and success. I will create a vision and watch his back and put him higher in other’s eyes knowing that, if he just steps aside, I will help us climb far ahead.

I got my promotion in March, and 6 months later, I turned our team’s culture as the best team in the company. Everyone wondered what was this magic sauce that was happening at the worse team in the company in those times. I help create a champion team, even with our flaws and deficiencies, I knew that with transparency, empowerment, wisdom, drive and confidence, we would overcome.

I talked it into existence as my post yesterday spoke about, but I also put in the work. #action

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Wow, today was so tiring. I can say Podcasts are a godsend when you don’t want to cycle through songs and moods. So to kill time at work, or to work while playing or learning, Podcasts are a good win.

I met up with an old client of mine who is just a genuinely great guy, good talks and great hospitality. He probably turned my tiring day into a fun exciting day of positive energy.

I learned a new sentiment of myself today, and it’s to continue to grow and be humble and teach with kindness. So after this red wine wears off, I have nothing more to write today.