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RawMultimedia is all about “lifestyle” and the exciting things we do in life.  I, Richardo love to read about other’s and how they overcome diversities, struggle, and achieve some their dreams and passions in life.  I love to see people being themselves as well as working on developing and bettering themselves.  So I have created this area on my blog for just that, to share and encourage others to live a better and happier lives being who they want to be. 🙂  Exciting stuff don’t you think?

Until I start posting those great articles and more…Here are a few place I love to visit that helps me be who I want to be and inspires me.

Enjoying the sun


If you know of any great places & gems out there that is dedicated to helping others and teachings others, feel free to share.  Send a link to my email at or Tweet me on Twitter at @RawMultimedia.  Keep be awesome and reach for your goals. 🙂

Richardo Wilson
“Live Life Unscripted”

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