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Hello followers, friends and soon to be friends of the blog, I have been gone a while, true.  I haven’t posted like all June, facts.  As I may have an [insert excuse] I have been handled life issues and upgrades.

Life moves fast, we all know that.  We do have to take personal time, but of course.  I have had like the craziest past 6 months, in which I may talk about, but I have a ton load of series to share my experiences and the new upgrades to the website, in which I just paid for, so yup, we are official and signed for another new season of the RawMultimedia Blog, exciting times, YES!.  We are a bit short for a couple of weeks for my annual Dream Summer series…but we are here to still rock out, so feel free to check it out and also HAPPY SUMMER 2018 to you all.



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