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secure the bag

Secure the bag is a term in the hip-hop culture, famously coined by DJ Khaled.  The meaning is to secure your money.  In life for you and for your family, always secure the bag…

Securing the bag is one of the most notable things to do in life.  When going for a new job, a promotion, education, investment, taking on new ventures of value, making sure you have something concrete before committing something that will take your time and focus.

Make sure you are out there securing the bag, my advice to you.  Happy Monday!

Here is the definition by Urban Dictionary:

An expression use to describe the act of taking/obtaining advantage of the situation and keep something of value.
1. Play your cards right and secure the bag.
2. Be an intern and work full-time hours. That’s how you secure the bag.
3. I cut him/her off but I secured the bag.
4. Friend 1: He/she said he/she wants to make it up to me.Friend 2: There’s your chance to secure the bag.

Secure The Bag


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