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Okay, so I think a lot.  I think a lot less than I did before.  I express myself way less than I used to, for I got out a lot of what I wanted to say.  I lead by action than words, but words do matter a lot.  Action through words is what I like to share with everyone around me.

So when I think I tell my body to go, it reacts and creates an action.  Now I know the concept is simple, but in life it’s not that simple.  We always tell ourselves what we need to be doing, or the steps to a resolution, but somewhere in the process, we did not act on those intentions.

I have always been the self-motivated person.  I can definitely own that.  I never needed someone to tell me when to go, and where to go, I just knew, it I had the thought to go, then I must go.

So the reason I wrote this today, was to say, find someone who gets you.  Find someone who helps you move when you can’t.  It’s one of the biggest problems we face in life where we have no one or trust no one to help you go where you need to go.  We all are no perfect, we all can’t just do better by ourselves, but there is someone there that believes is you, a friend, spouse, stranger, a figure that motivates or just gets us, and we need to keep this person around and interact more and more with that person.

The Sky is The Limit.

I have always told myself, I will marry the women that motivates me the most. She doesn’t even have to say much, she just has to say move, and go do it, and I will figure it out and be blessed to have her by my side as we acquire more out of life together.  For we acted on our thoughts, needs, and goals and make it a possibility.




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