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Life has thrown a few rocks at me, trying to bust me up, but did it do its job?  I sit here wondering, if I still got it in me?  Do I have the juice to make another run for the prize of doing exciting & amazing things each and every day of my life.

Honestly, I believe I can.  I took a few days that turned into weeks reflecting on my past and the passions I hold for creating content and creating an escape for others, and I can see the things I love to do is still lingering inside me.

There have been quite a few reminders of who I truly am, and as much as my actions play in the role as if I am not paying attention, I see things clearly.

I can do it.

I can return.

I can be excellent once again.

I love me a challenge.

Even if I don’t win…I still like to compete.

I am returning to my glory phase in life.

Many smiles and happiness.

More and more.

See you tomorrow.




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