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I have a very few golden rules, and as much as I would love to list them in order, the rule that stands out the most is, not taking losses on my shift.  I usually shortening it to, “on rik’s shift (we don’t take L’s)”, of course L’s meaning losses.  This is the mentally of winning and no losses I have embodied in all my workplaces and my strategy to life.  I always work for efficient techniques and philosophies to create a better productive and successful days.  My employers love me for this very reason, not in many words, via they totally at times don’t pay attention to who makes them shine brightly, but I continue my ways regardless.

One of my biggest thing is to not let the same mistake happen.  As soon as I have found a flaw, I implement a fix for the flaw immediately.  It’s like that saying, getting caught with your pants down.  If this happens more than often, there is a lot of reasons for that.  Such reasons includes: not caring, not taking your work seriously, not paying attention, not listening, and lacking proper leadership and proper protocols.

My co-workers praise me in the highest regards always, for always being prepared for the worse and always having a (in case things go bad routine) that let us have the most reward fun, productive and best shifts ever.  That is definitely one of my skills and why I work hard and smart at being FEARLESS.

So if you need a guy to view your systems (aka an analyst of measure of sorts) to see what policies and inefficiencies that exist in your business, I am the guy to hire for his skill set.

Today I have stop my antics.  Not in the sense of anything being wrong, but I saw myself reaching to a point of procrastination and also neglect of frame of mind, in which I did not like.  So I set forth steps to ensure these measures do not develop into bad habits.

To be super transparent here is what I discovered.

I am a good driver, I at times hate slow drivers.  When people or slow-moving from traffic lights, I tend to boost away from these slow drivers.  They suck to me via they hold up traffic.  I don’t mean slow drivers as in following the speed limit, but people pulling off from stop lights at 5 miles an hour and maintaining a 10 miles hour driving speed.  OMG, that grinds my gears.  So I catch myself at times putting the pedal to the metal and hitting 35 miles an hour in 4 secs. or more.  I have a heavy but careful foot and the car I drive tend to go a bit fast. 🙂

How this is bad?  Well as much as there tend to be no speed trap cam (in new york city) at areas I do this at.  I may one day forget or so and boost my way in giving New York City fee money for ticket of speeding of $35 or even more… I am not trying to give this city a dime more after it is definitely one of the most taxed cities in the USA.


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