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Trying a new series… Let this year, this time be the moment to live Fearless.  I am the type of person to duck clients who just keep calling, via they just can’t figure out things or looking for free services.  I mean it’s not the right thing to do.  I mean they try to talk and hold me on the phone for minutes into an hour talking about their problems, and I try to be a bit nice at times and let them get things off their minds.  But I have to head into my fears and not duck these calls and be bold as I am and cut things off.  Like, please stop calling and get to the point.

I try to be a nice guy a little too much at times.  But I have to own the inner me and be the commander and lead the situation at all times when it comes to my values and worth.  It’s really and super okay to just say NO.

Also to be quiet honest, I know when a call comes in from a former friend or family member and I know to just not answer.  I know it’s going to be a favor or beg for money, with no intentions of keeping their word, I don’t pick-up the phone.  But I need to get back to the position and I am going back to just to picking up the phone and say the truth.

Today I had these situations, and I overcame my willingness to back down.

I am on the right track I think.  I want to just motivate others to just go for it head on, and don’t back down or shake for your morals.



What are your thoughts?




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