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MY 2018


As I rework my blog and reflect on my past year in life (2017), I have created a theme/mission I can truly entrust myself with following.  It’s not a resolution, but the upgraded version of my past journey in life.

The theme is simply,
N. E. E. D.

The theme N.E.E.D. stands for Necessary Exploration Execution Development.  For me this simple means I must as a person do only necessary activities that aligns with my goals.  I must explore new ventures, and take a few risks in order to be on track with my goals, a little game of chance, is a good way to get myself out my comfort spot.  I must execute on tasks, opportunities, networking, practicing, and organizational activities that helps deliver my bottom line.  I must be willing to sacrifice what people will say or how they will react to you reaching high and challenging myself to my goals.  Lastly all my attempts, training, and works, must help and better my development in life.  New skills are there to pick up, new ideals are there to showcase, so improve and be better.

note to self - 1

This is more like a note to myself to stay on track and to read throughout the year to keep me grounded on why I going to make different and more unique choices.

note to self - 2

note to self - 3


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