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Hello January - Happy January 2018

Hello friends and passer-bys, it’s January 2018.  Welcome to a new year, and I wish you all the best on your journey this year.

My Real-Time Journal Page – Life in 2018

I want to start this year on a positive note, by sharing my new style of getting things done in life.  Instead of things to accomplish in the world being so overwhelming with crazy lists, I made the list smaller and more focused.  Just 2 things to do and work on for an entire month, how shall you fail?  Now yes, we did add 3 micro goals, which is less important, so the focus stays on the main objective.

Two Things To Do…

  • Released the long-awaited book “MYTHS
  • Create a new series… Let’s Do It!!!  (Might be a big surprise…)

Micro Goals

  • Be more focused on my goals.  (Get deep & dirty, and hands-on into it’s creation…)
  • Listen to your gut feeling at ALL TIMES!
  • Try to be a little be more careful.  (Even the small things can have heavy effects.)

My Thoughts on January

  • 🙂 (thoughts are pending) ha ha
  • 🙂 (thoughts are pending) ha ha
  • 🙂 (thoughts are pending) ha ha
  • 🙂 (thoughts are pending) ha ha
  • 🙂 (thoughts are pending) ha ha


Question: What are you looking forward to this January?


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