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My favorite book from my childhood is about Dolphins.  I must thank my mom for that.  I do love dolphins by the way. I got to go find the book today.  BRB. 🙂


I can’t find the book today about dolphins.  I believe I was introduced to it at say behind 4 – 8 years old.  I was in Jamaica at the time, so I am guessing it would be difficult to find.

It was a book about how a dolphin and its family works, and how when attacked by sharks & whales, the dolphins come together to fight.

I was blown away as a kid and it was a teaching moment.  I wish I could find this book somewhere.



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Hi, I am doing a 30 Day Blog Challenge, in which I am super excited to write about.  I hope you will join me and read and find out all the goodies I have to share.  If you want to join in on the challenge, feel free to do so.  Check the link/picture below to see the topics for the posts in which I think will add great value to your blog or website.


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