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burger and fries

So the question of the day is, do you like to eat?  Well, I have spent a great deal of time going through many profiles in my day, and oh my do people love to eat.  I mean why not, we can’t be leaving our bodies without nutriments.  Or better yet, let a woman ask a man does he know how to cook and if he says yes, they lose their minds.  They could already imagine him whipping up a home cook meal in the kitchen and they can lay out in the couch and wait patiently for the masterpiece to touch their souls.  Now, if this man does not deliver, oh boy, he is in hot water… 🙂

Well for me I can cook, I cook lightly.  I don’t cook to impress, I cook to ingest, some healthy, clean eats.  Most people don’t agree, they want the grease and fats, but I am okay not having that.  Here at my top 10 favorite foods.

  1. Chicken, Rice & Peas, with gravy (but of course) with salad on the side and potato salad to top off the prize.  (oh yea, only my mom can’t pull this off to a charm.)  You got to love your mother’s cooking.
  2. Pasta.  (I just love it love it.)
  3. Jerk Chicken.  (Serve this up with jerk sauce on rice or bread, and I am in heaven.)
  4. Ice-Cream.  (I have so much beautiful memories with ice-cream.)
  5. Pizza.  (The guilty pleasure when done right.)
  6. Buffalo Wings.  (If they is a party, a game, an outing, give me Buffalo Wings and I am happy.)
  7. French Fries.  (Just give my fries and ketchup and some ranch dressing or sauce, and leave me alone.)
  8. Broccoli.  (I love my greens, ummm well just a caesar salad and broccoli.)  That makes me happy.
  9. Ranch Dressing.  (Okay, this might sound odd, but I will put Ranch Dressing on anything mixed with hot sauce.  So that means, on salad, tuna, chicken, bread, pizza, broccoli, pasta, NOT ICE-CREAM, fries, burgers, ox-tail, ribs, eggs, ANYTHING…except ICE-CREAM, actually haven’t tried that, but you get where I am going.
  10. Thai.  (I likes my food hot, and yes, I will add more hot sauce and more hotness to my meal, I must feel the burn, thank you.)




Strawberry Cheesecake

Oatmeal Cookies

Ackee and Saltfish

Mac & Cheese






Jack fruit

The list actually goes on… lol



I hope you enjoy this post and leave a comment. 🙂


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