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Things I am Afraid to Tell you

Let’s start off with saying I hate the word fear.  Who is fear to tell me what I can’t do?  I choose to live life without fear, and with that there are many aspects of life I don’t fear.  The only thing I fear in life is GOD.  I am a man of faith and I do believe in doing right by the lord.  I am not perfect and don’t choose to be.  I try my best at things and know for a fact I can and will fail at few things.

So this post is mostly about 5 Things I Know I Can Fail At, (until I work my butt off to change that, but if I can’t, I know why.)  In that sense, I hate to fail, as how I hate fear, but I always attempt things fearlessly and do the best I can.  So here are 5 things I know I can fail at.  But before that, here are 5 things I don’t fear.

  1. I don’t fear man
  2. I don’t fear dying
  3. I don’t fear heights
  4. I don’t fear losing
  5. I don’t fear the dark

Now hear are the things I fear aka know I can fail at.

afraid of you

  1. I can fail at: handling myself if a bear, shark, lion, tiger, wale, poisonous snake, or alligator and few other crazy animals of the world is on the attack to harm me.  For one, I have never been in those situations or trained myself to conquer those situations should they happen.  I might have an idea, or will try my best to be resourceful but geez, those are extreme circumstances. (I do think rather extreme when it comes to my limits.)
  2.  I can fail at: swimming to save my life from drowning.  I do not know how to swim, as of yet, so through me in the deep pool or ocean, and of course, I will try a thing or two, but hey, I might be a goner.
  3. I can fail at: getting a job I really wanted that someone has control over me getting.  Now this may sound a bit weird, but hey sometimes you can’t get all that you want or qualified for.   But you can create that job you wanted or better and achieve the same goal just not at the place you wanted.  Of course, you know the world is not perfect and there are people to block your blessings in life.
  4. I can fail at: not finding the love of my life.  Hey it’s possible, sometimes you have to settle, and some people can’t settle for less and be happy.
  5. I can fail at: just anything if I don’t put a plan behind it, work hard, and create opportunities to win in the end. 

I leave you with that. 🙂  How well did you think I did?

I hope you enjoy this post and leave a comment. 🙂


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