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I Love My Job

Now welcoming one of the biggest question in my life, what is my dream job?  I have always seen my family working, growing up in Jamaica, and knew that technically you have to work for a living.  I never really saw what work does to people until I had to start really venturing into work at around 12 years old.  I thought we all have bosses, and you choose a title and play a role then you make money.  Well my dream job is simple to me, doing an act that creates or does something worthy in the world that generates money that doesn’t even seem like work and I am happy doing it.  It would almost seem like, I never worked a day in my life.

Ultimately I feel my dream job is an work with a purpose and uses my skills actively to get things done.  I also feel while doing so, I would be providing services people needs and while providing opportunities to others that didn’t have one.

So with that, I leave my options open.  I feel I can work doing almost anything, in the world, as long as I chose to do it and it makes me feel amazing.

But before I found my light in the world, I did have a few dream jobs I wanted to have and still have if ever presented them.  Also there were a few companies I think I would have loved working with and a few titles are two.

  1. HBO (I love HBO the company and always saw myself working with them on some level as a producer, show runner or programming.)  I love tv, but it’s not tv, it’s HBO.
  2. WWE (formally known as WWF, I grew up on wrestling and thought of Vince McMahon as the ultimate boss, or just what his passion and love for entertainment created for so many.  I feel I could of being a talent manager there, show runner, and interviewer.)
  3. Google (Google the search engine has opened up my world and made me apart of who I am today.)  If it was an office job or creative team or whatever, Google it’s where I felt I could fit in well.
  4. Pilot (I wanted to really fly planes and travel the world.)
  5. Soccer Player (Well you guessed it, I loved soccer.  But geez, being an athlete is no joke.)

Well I do know over time things change and cultures change within companies, so of course there are many other companies just like what I listed, so I won’t know until I see the dream in front of me and take the lead towards it.

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