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20 facts about me, blog challenge

Hi, it’s day (2) of my 30-day blog challenge, and the theme of the day is 20 Facts About Me.  I really took a great deal of time walking on the treadmill at the gym, thinking of 20 Facts to mention about myself.  I don’t always have great things to say about myself for in life I am always doing new things and achieving new milestones.  Either way without no further ado, I present you 20 Facts About Me.
  1. I love to learn new things, every day.
  2. I teach computer classes to clients personally as old as 91.
  3. I wore a hot pink book bag 5 days a week for the entire summer, this year 2017.
  4. I can’t draw (not even a stick figure) so sad.
  5. I can almost talk about ANY topic, I am well versed in conversations.
  6. My blog or website, however you want to call it, 🙂 has over 1 million views!
  7. I can do hand stands up to 30-40 secs.
  8. I have a college degree in computer science and learn my entire degree before completing it.
  9. I love cats and dogs, but I don’t have one.
  10. My dream car is a Porsche.
  11. I like to go on nature walks and sight-seeing on the weekends.  #MuseumGang
  12. I can play soccer, tennis, cricket, football, volley ball, roller skate, basketball, baseball, hockey, OH MY GOD THAT’S A LOT OF SPORTS.  Oh yea, I have done some double dutch as well in the past.
  13. I go crazy watching tv shows with my favorite actors, or if I see them in other shows and movies, I would go, “Oh snap, he/she is in the show too…I love them.”
  14. I love to listen to music for it eases my soul and motivates me.
  15. When I am not working, I am binge watching NETFLIX, HBO & YouTube.  I watch a lot of shows, I probably would watch any show, and I have a great memory for them too.  If you need any tv show recommendations or movies, I got you 100%.
  16. The best friends I have to this day, mostly all stemmed from 8th grade…
  17. I love what I do in life, and I love to work (for work never feels like work to me) and meet new people and beat goals and challenges.  I am super driven, I don’t know where it comes from, but I am probably the most easy-going, encouraging, team player, supportive, assertive, friendly guy you may ever meet.  And yes, those are really big shoes to fill, and I do own every word.
  18. I can’t swim. 😦 … this may change in the next 2 years… #fingerscrossed
  19. My favorite actor/motivator in life is Jackie Chan.  He is amazing, talented, fun and so freaking dangerous.  I put my money on Jackie Chan over Bruce Lee. 🙂
  20. The biggest goal on my bucket list (yes I have one) is to go SKY DIVING!

I hope you enjoy this post if you want to share just one fact about you so we can be pals, drop me a line in the comments.  I will be sure to reply. 🙂



Hi, I am doing a 30 Day Blog Challenge, in which I am super excited to write about.  I hope you will join me and read and find out all the goodies I have to share.  If you want to join in on the challenge, feel free to do so.  Check the link/picture below to see the topics for the posts in which I think will add great value to your blog or website.


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