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Okay, so hate is a strong word, right?  Well I know this.  Change is a strong word, right?  Well we know this.  Let’s put it like this, I hate the word hate, and I love the word change, and I hate that I am changing so much but love it at the same time.  Now as I write this I am wondering, am I confused?  I think it makes perfect sense to hate change and love change at the same time.  The pros must outdo the cons in order for a positive outcome to happen I believe.

So I see myself changing day by day, chasing the big dream I had slowed down from achieving.  I am back in this “sell the world” mode that I tried to get out of and now really found out it’s a part of me.  I can talk well, mean well, and tell a good over the top story of pure truth and have the world love me for it.  But should I stop, or keep going for the goal…ummm the gold! 🙂

How did I fair in this post?  Let me know, comment… 🙂

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