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We are not always going to know things.  We are not going to always be the best.  But not knowing things can hinder our success.  Should be told what to do, NO!, we shall rebel, shall we google things and hope the advice don’t send us to hell, oh yes.  For information is valuable, knowledge is key and to put forth good advice and reliable information, could create us endless possibilities.

When I was younger, I use to hate the words “I don’t know”, I pretty much hate it to this day as well.  I just did not like the feeling to be asked a question and be stumped not having even a clue how to answer or even where to find the answer.  Lucky for me, after many years of breaking the chain.  I can happily say, I know many things, and always until my dying days will help others seek and find information and knowledge to outcome their obstacles in life.

How did I fair in this post?  Let me know, comment… 🙂

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