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One of the most puzzling questions I ever was struck with, in which someone asked me.  As much as I am not on the dating scene, I always ponder questions relating to relationships and how people interact and connect.

The first question, how does a busy person have time?  I know there is like some many dating apps and networking events, but if you are so busy how do you create a valuable bond or connection?  Must someone flash you with things you desire the most?  But how do you attract a stranger?  You know nothing of the face, body, smile that popped up on your screen or smart phone.  So how?

This goes for both men and women this question.  I feel people think they have the time to do it all.  Multi-tasking is not great work or action.  Focus and accomplishing goals step by step is a more plausible thing to achieve.

busy women dating

For me, I am a serial planner, and time manager so making time is not a problem to me.  I just push forth time to things that are meaningful and have a certain reasoning.  I can clear my schedule for a day if we are to do something, but not to just do nothing.  It’s unproductive and a waste of time and proper reason for someone who believes in adding value and worth the almost all things that they do.

So again, how do busy women or men date?

Maybe they don’t but they try.  Maybe they are unaware of the micro feelings satisfaction because they feel they are really trying so, they continue in this epic cycle, not knowing months have passed and no full results.  So why try?  Well, loneliness is a big problem in our world today.  Do people know how to slow down anymore?

busy women dating 2

Let me know your thoughts and point of view…


Question: Do you know how busy women date?


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