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I characterize myself as a really fun guy.  I am overly accepting of people of different race, culture, development and more, as long as you don’t aggressive try offend others.  The belief of acceptance give other’s the chance to want to fit in, by being themselves and bringing more of what they are good at to the forefront.  At work for me, I am constantly smashing my head on the way other’s push their matters my way to resolve.  I feel I got to adapt being dumb and cut-throat to survive, but that’s not me.  I feel that’s a toxic environment in which I need to change as soon as possible.

As a person with many jobs and many hands in things, I stay active and ready for all that is going on around me.


Some times you just can’t,
Be the same anymore,
You have to change,
Without warning,
So it will be alarming,
For who needs to see this change.


Question: Do old thoughts keep circling your mind as of late?


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