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It’s no time for jokes today, for I am back to writing after a bit of a break…Oh my gosh, so much to catch up on and what an amazing simple, clean, refreshing day I had today.  A good start of happy memories left to create.  I would push myself more to do more, but I will not try to break myself to prove no point other from the best is yet to come.  I think I am back on track in life, and things are about to get more exciting and uncomfortable.  I already did the biggest change… No more Mohawk, my hair is cut.

It’s funny to me, that this post will be live on my social media, but not many will read to the end unless the see a video or picture.  🙂

The fun gem of knowing your audiences and friends.

A new beginning…

Oh yea…

Let’s do this for old-time sake… A poem in every post.


To do April Fools,
We lose,
The joke is us,
It hurts,
For we bruise.


Question: Do people really still try to do April Fools for laughs?


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