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Of course, you know a lot of people aim to be famous or rich not feeling or thinking once it’s obtained it can also fade.  We see this situation in out everyday life.  In most case, social media new trends and stories will drown you out eventually.  So once your 15 seconds comes, you must milk it quickly, effectively and save every single dime you can make out of it.

So think of that great shot you made in high school and scored.  Yes, you were the highlight of the school, you were rocking the halls, everyone wanted to be your pal, then comes after high school, then college.  How much of that very moment will be remembered by you and others.  It’s hard to remember all the details and feeling.

I know you may say, hmmm well that’s a lot of time that has passed so, bad example.  But no, if that moment of fame was captured as a footage and you continue on with a career or more of these shots, it only helps that memory/fame grow stronger.

Just know in life, you as good as yesterday.  So slowly keep building yourself.  Be a fan and biggest support to yourself and keep living as lively as you want.

I love to see the superstar in others.  I want others to be proud of what good they have going on.  We all can’t be good in the same areas, so for the great things you do, highlight and shine it bright.  It will make you feel like a million bucks every day.  Or when ever down, it shall be a good pick me up.

So go out there and go get them… Be awesome.


Question: Were you ever famous for something you did in life, whether small or large fame?


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