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So as I worked this busy President’s Day at work, an old couple came in my store to order headphones.  The gentleman was pretty much comedian and happen to be married to his wife for 47 years, wow right?  I was in awww how well they got along and how he and his wife had a good balance.  He then said to me do you know who are the happiest people?  I said no, and he claimed he read it somewhere that in this order is who is the happiest.

  1. Married Men
  2. Single Women
  3. Married Women
  4. Single Men

I am not sure the facts and whomever that may have wrote this article that he had seen.  But I wasn’t too sure I could see the logic of potential to this being right.  Then I thought to myself, who are the happiest people in the world and googled it.  The image above states what some researchers discovered.

Do you believe in the list the man gave to me?



Question: Are you happy in your life currently?


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  1. I think it probably relates to the saying that that married men live longer – because women take care of them.? Maybe they’re happier because women take care of them, too?idk.
    Regardless, it’s always nice to see a happily married older couple. 🙂

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    1. that’s a good point there. It could be the case. I am still trying to lock down and way of how. I would believe both would be happy to find a true soul mate…and again would be able to take care of each other. But I guess in the scene of the world and older generation, the woman tends to crave the man into a new man that what makes them shine more and maybe want to do better for her, in the sense of more emotions and nurturing traits. I don’t believe men has the ability to do the opposite back to a women, so what is there benefits more than say give them a family, security and children.

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