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Every 8th of the month, I am hosting a Meet and Greet on my blog.  Feel FREE to promote yourself.  Share a link to blog and leave a brief description of your content, whether you are a writer, photographer, poet, lifestyle blogger, art blogger, fashion blogger, you are welcome to interact and share your works.  Just be nice…

All bloggers are FREE to post a link to their blogs… FREE PROMOTION & FREE CONNECTION.  Let me see what you got to share…also this is a great way to discover new blogs, content, writers so it’s easy to find new friends, who may have similar content or writing style.

The goal of this Meet & Greet is to build a community of bloggers, writers, poets,  photographers, and more here on WordPress.

Remember to interact.  If no one does, at least I will visit your blog and may be able to do a good write up for you if you blog is super awesome and must be shared… 🙂

Be sure to Share / Reblog this post spread the word to bloggers.


Question: If you had a choice to link up with someone for drinks, which drink would be your choice: water, tea, wine, coffee, beer or mixed drink?


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