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There is nothing more I hate than a loud ass customer…I am sorry for this post, but it is true.  There is no disrespect against anyone or people in general, and there is probably more things I hate in life than this, but it’s today’s topic.

So there is a problem, and you ask for a manager to help fix it, said manager is fixing the problem, but since the person is impatient and have a lack of respect and decency, they make noise and speak loudly.  Of course I know everyone thinks they are the big bad wolf and can huff and puff, but geez, you just look ridiculous.  Now if you had a problem and there was no solution especially when you are getting your money back for an error the actual person make, they decide to make a scene.  Maybe they were auditioning for a movie role or as an extra, they way they carry on.  This is something I hate.  I hate to look at people doing such antics, it’s truly distasteful, and in the back of my mind, I know karma is creeping right in their back door and I am in “don’t care land” planning a good laugh, but really don’t want to laugh, I just want to see good decent change in people.

I do believe people can change, but when people are rude, there is no way, in my bones will they ever get any pity from me.  If you work for or with a corporation, they have rules for customer service, wrong or right, and as long as you follow the guideline and everything that’s being done on camera (the major key) it has to be visible, then you will be fine in the end.  You really have to brush it off, don’t let it bother you and move on satisfying the next awesome real down to earth customer/client.

Thank god, I give the greatest customer service in life period…I work hard on my posture, my words, my resolves and commitments.  Also a great reason why I own my own business.


Question: Have you been the person to carry on like this or seen it happen?


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