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So each day I run into very awkward moments/conversations.  Most of the so-called conversations are comments or statements, and then my response, afterward.  But are a few awkward conversation/interaction/moments of my day.

So as was getting out the gas station store, after paying for gas, a random woman pulled up by me and said, “Hey, I know I don’t know you for a brick in a wall, but can I borrow some gas?”  My response for this ridiculous stare, like what the hell, people really do this, or is this only because I am me…  She then continued to hit me with a life story of how her check didn’t come in on time and she would like borrow 1 gallon of my gas, I just paid for.

Now, I am all for giving a buck or two to someone in need, but for someone to be in their car, burning gas, and talking to me through their car, ooops, van/truck, saying let me borrow some gas, it’s only 1 gallon, you will be fine.  I was at a loss of words.  I was like this entire moment is much suspect and disrespectful.  Next to that, I had to look around to see if I was being punked, or if a cop was watching me share gas with this estranged lady.

Then since I am in New York and people are known for begging for a swipe, in the subway/train station… I was thinking this a new version of that, and it was always said to not do that…

In this situation I did the same.  After I said no I am good, she started drinking closer to me then sped off… She was out of sight.

What a weird moment…


Question: What would you have done?


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