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What else can I say, but THANK YOU

I made it to the 1,000,000 views club.

It took a few twists,
I told a few tales,
I was brave in the journey,
I was not doing things the same,
I never quit,
I kept dreaming,
I had my work boots on,
All coupons I was redeeming
I went screaming,
And people heard my cries,
Now RawMultimedia,
Made a million,
My website is on a high…

Now I can say,


helped me build this blog & website into a lovely canvas of creativity and inspiration.

I am proud to say this is my home, and you all are welcome anytime…

Richardo Wilson
Live Life Unscripted

5 thoughts on “THANK YOU, OVER 1,000,000 VIEWS

    1. thanks, took a long time to build, but over time, I found the knack at posting and type of postings that works. But finally I hit the golden figure I once wanted forever, now I look at it, like Yes I got it, what’s next now. 🙂 smh Unto getting my following up like yours, and make some good content.

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