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It’s quite a shame and blessing how you caught my eyes.  I was there doing reps, trying to get my arms right, and out of nowhere you came to all the 3 machines in front of me to work out.  You were making twerking motions in my direction, our eyes locked in a few times.  I tried to look away as many men would keep on staring at a beautiful women in the gym trying to get her workout in, and being pretty naughty in thoughts.  I was naturally trying to workout and not be another stat.  But there you were bending over in front of me, in your tights, no headphones, so there was no music for you to be swinging your hips to.  I know I occasionally make up a tune and dance to it or flow while in the gym to get the good energy to carry me into my workouts.  The moment you created for us, was special, I thought I was getting punked, maybe just maybe you were teasing me, but I just wasn’t sure.  twerking-in-the-gym

Would it be proper to come over and ask you, what those actions or your intentions were?  Maybe it wasn’t towards me and was just your natural body movements, or workout set.  You can see how I am at a lost of words for what was happening.  It’s hard trying to be a decent gentleman when some sort of temptation is thrown your way.

You are quite a beauty I occasionally saw in the gym, as our workout days and times seem to not be in sync, in which I so so which they were.  If that was so then would I be given a better opportunity to approach you the right way to say hello.  You are the right flavor of mocha, wishing on one of these cold days I can invite you out for cocoa, and a lovely conversation.  Maybe next time I will have to say hi, for it seems my days with you may be numbered…

To be continued…


Let me know your thoughts…

Out of pure inspiration I wanted to write, random miscellaneous love letters, I hope you enjoy them…

Question: Have a girl or guy ever intentionally try to get in front of you to get your attention?

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Thanks for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson


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