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DEAD END | #Photography



A street sign shot on an iPhone 6s.
In life there are dead ends, but we try to avoid them.
Bronx / New York City
Photography by
: Richardo A. Wilson


Let me know your thoughts…

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson


14 thoughts on “DEAD END | #Photography

      1. Because I dont have that kind of discipline. When I have down time, or get bored, or have a sudden urge to be nosy – I go straight to FB. And I also want to focus on my blog more. The day after I deactivated, I had my best day for likes on my blog. My productivity has been entirely misplaced lol

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      2. Discipline is huge player in success. I see what nosy came from. Yes, you got to focus and enjoy. I have the best feeling and interaction through my website. It’s amazing. Think about how we met, it’s just natural and passionate people support each other and appreciate the hard work. Social Media is more like a news, gossip, memes, and ratchet stuff. 🙂 I could help you whip into shape. 🙂


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