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I Have Thought Of It All



The past few years, I have been thinking.  I have been thinking deeply of my future.  I tried to align my goals and skills to help me make the best decisions.  And I came to the conclusion, am I really using my value and worth to its full potential?  It’s like thinking of a talented athlete who is not playing in the best division of the game.  Like if you are truly talented, how do you show it and perform in front of the people who cares about it?

So I have thought about it…I have been working on it, and I think I have made the step to do just that even if I fail.  I thought of failure and haven’t met it in a while, but definitely not scared of the notion, but do I want it?  No.  I would like to grow and be better.

I am just writing these are memoirs and notes to document the change I am about to take.  Writing out my thoughts have helped me in the past, and I hope it will continue in the future.  No more hiding behind my thoughts and keeping my actions and where I want to go in my head, but write my thoughts, all of it and welcome what the world has for me.

I will focusing my future career more precisely, not worrying about a 9-5 job, especially one that no longer brings me joy.  I will continue to work all my life, because I like to work, but this chapter I am in, is easily coming to a close.

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