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VALENTINE’S DAY | #FreeThought



To be loved, to be happy.  To send a card, to make someone’s day, will you be, will you be, my valentine?

I love Valentine’s Day and what it represents.  I know it’s a made up day, and people do and say stupid things about it.  Whether they are single, anticipating bliss or already in a relationship, or worse going through it.  I like that there is a day to remember love and share love.  Thanks to this day, many people will be brave to try to ask someone out, or even get a chance to show how much they appreciate someone’s love and support.  We tend to live busy lives and so we forget the little things at times, like giving a compliment, buying flowers, buying your loved one someone they like with a smile or just even a kiss.  So if valentine’s day means or stand for this, I am all in.  I just won’t be breaking the bank over it. 🙂

Side note, enjoy the day when it comes, treat yourself and treat someone as a kind deed of love and appreciation.


Let me know your thoughts…

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson


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