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Chain Letters | #LifeStories

Life Stories: Chain Letters


Chain letters, do you remember those?  I hate them, I hate them all.  Do this, do that to this among of people in this amount of time, or else this will happen to you or your family…  How about get the fudge out of here.  I remember when I was growing up, I was plagued with hearing people sharing stupid chain letters about forwards this to 10 people or else I will get injured or something.  This is definitely one of the strongest works of spam, word of mouth and complete annoyance.  This is how you knew who were your true friends.

A true friend would never send you this stupid foolishness.  Did I mention how much I hate chain letters?  I would read them, and go wow, this is aka a threat to me life if this is to be true.  So you are telling me, you would pass on death to your friends, in no way would you send this to fill up the 10 friend requirement without sending to your closest friends.  Think about this, how many friends do you even have today?  Better yet, back then who were really your friends, or did we just call people we probably did things more than say 5 times together a friend?  This was completely a waste of my time, and oh my, did I enjoy watching people work their hardest to find the last 2 of friends for they only found 8, and they could not fail at sending death threats.   It got so deep, we even send these things to out family members, how cruel right?

This is absolutely one of the main reasons why do not follow trends and found out how people can be stupid.  Next to that, be scared into doing something they do not want to do, just to fill in an action someone told them they must do.  Welcome to why I took up psychology in high school and onwards into college.  🙂


Let me know your thoughts…

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson


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