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DRONE | #EyeCandy



When you keep you eyes out for that sexy love, that’s you looking and seeking for your next eye candy.  This is how this series was developed.  You could be traveling the world, shopping online, out for a run and something just catches you eyes, and you say to yourself, “I love it”, “I want that”.  Here is my #EyeCandy of the day/week.


I always wanted to fly a plane, well better yet it be a drone.  I want to fly away and shoot videos on the go.  I just want a drone to try a few creative things… Not to be apart of the hype but to see where I can take my creatively level.


Well go ahead, and let me know what is your Eye Candy to the day.  What is it in the world that currently has caught your eyes and calls to you every time?

Leave your info in the comments…and link if you decide to post that item on your website or blog so I can visit and leave a comment.

Photo Credit via Google Images


Let me know your thoughts…

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson