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rawmultimedia year in review 2015 blogging photography art

I am been through many changes in 2015… What a crazy rollercoaster of a year.

rawmultimedia year in review 2015 blogging photography art

Let’s celebrate…So 2015, this is what happened…

  1. My website has been viewed 250,000 times…wow, that’s a quarter million in a year.  I can only see things getting better and brighter.  Currently sitting on over: 660,000 views in total.
  2. I went on a Helicopter (1st time)
  3. I finally went to a few adventures: Wave Hill, The Cloisters, Governor’s Island, Guggenheim Museum, Glen Island Park…
  4. Bought the most amazing of a bike. A fixed bike.  Love my fixie.
  5. Saw Kevin Hart: Now What at the Barclay Center, Brooklyn, New York, (1st time)
  6. Saw and went to (4) New York City FC Soccer Games: Yankee’s Stadium
  7. Went to New Jersey via PATH TRAIN (1st time)
  8. Went to the New York Red Bulls Stadium in New Jersey (1st time) and Saw Chelsea FC play.
  9. My favorite Soccer Team: Chelsea FC won the Season 2014-2015.
  10. Bought himself the latest: 2015-2016 Chelsea FC Soccer Jersey (Go Chelsea, Go Blues)
  11. Saw one of my favorite YouTubers: Dormtainment at the Gramery Theater in New York City.
  12. I did Archery (1st time)
  13. I went to the Wax Museum on 42nd Street.
  14. I went to the WordPress WordCamp 2015 (November 2015)
  15. I volunteered at the WordPress WordCamp (1st time ever)
  16. I was the EMCEE and did HAPPINESS BAR at the WordCamp
  17. I went to the IMSTA FESTA Music Conference in (September 2015)
  18. I won (3) Full Software including Pro Tools and Cubase (lucky me)
  19. I went to the Photo Expo 2015 Photography Expo (October 2015)
  20. I rode on a bicycle cart (1st time)
  21. I rode over the Brooklyn Bridge on my bike (1st time) and walked over the Queens Bridge (1st time)
  22. Bought me a 2 in 1 Tablet PC 11 inch….OMG it’s so cheesy cool.  Love it
  23. Went to a super cool Poetry Event at the Bronx Museum.
  24. My favorite Music Artist of the New Generation J. Cole went Platinum.
  25. I finally got my MAC Computer fixed…went for my first Swedish Massage

Oh course there were more….some personally, a few failures, I few real life situations, but I am happy to know and get to focus on myself a bit.  I really needed this year of 2015 to show I can grow, for I totally wasn’t so sure after a big year that was 2014.

rawmultimedia year in review 2015 blogging photography art

Top Countries That Visited My Website: in 2015

United States




United Kingdom











All I can say is what a year…Now I have other things to focus on.  Every year, I got to be changing and getting better at other things.  Let’s see what 2016 has.

rawmultimedia year in review 2015 blogging photography art


Let me know your thoughts…

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson


2 thoughts on “YEAR IN REVIEW [2015]

  1. This made me want to create my own list of things I’ve done in 2016 in advance. I did SO much in 2015 but I don’t even remember them all. 😦 – I’m working on my list now. Thanks for the idea!

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