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Apple Did Not Suck, Genius Bar

Thank You, Apple

China Apple
 (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

So my Mac computer at home was giving me trouble.  It’s been over a year and a half with the same trouble.  I am tech, but at times when it comes to my many devices I am a lazy tech.  I did not fix my mac problem.  The problem I was having was my fan on my Mac was super loud.  So if something like that is the issue, you would replace it right?  The part wasn’t expensive, but I went ahead and bought a Macbook Pro because, well I felt like it.  But I keep the device in which got out of warranty, still working amazing, it just happens to be loud.  After adjusting my busy life, and trying to focus on the small things I have been missing, I said let’s call Apple and make an appointment to get it repaired.

I made an appointment with Apple, for 5:15pm or what I thought to be 5:15pm at 59th Street East in New York City.  When I got there after lugging this heavy book bag of WordPress swag and my laptop coming from the last day of WordCamp 2015 in Brooklyn, I was shocked when they told me, the appointment was for 5:15am in the morning.  I just learned something new, the person who booked the appointment was stupid, for I specifically mentioned the afternoon, and that I would be coming from the WordCamp directly.  Second, the Apple Store on 59th Street is open 24 hours of the day.

After speaking with the gentleman who explained to me the ridiculous-ness of the appointment time, he recommended to speak with he manager.  So after a long day, I was hopefully something could be done.  I went to the manager, he heard my story and my beef with the person who would make an appointment at 5:15am in the morning and asked me to stay around and he will see what he could do.

After about an hour of waiting, bingo, the manager kept his word and got someone to assist me.  My issue was super simple, loud fan, everything else 100 percent.  So I got a super awesome woman tech, she was very pleasant and answered every question I asked.  She set me up to do my diagnostic, and worked her magic on resetting some computer power and management settings.  The results came back as I knew all a long everything mechanical was good and working well.  I must add that the Apple Store was super loud when I was there, lots of chatter.  So go figure I was unable to hear the computer on and its loud noise the entire time to know what was going on.  Chalk it up to faith, we tried everything, and the last solution was leaving it to be repaired possibly if it wasn’t an internal problem other from the fan for $55.  That was pretty much light cheese for me, but I wasn’t leaving my computer via I got a bunch of work to still do on it at home.

Being a tech and working on a broken computer, I of course saved everything in the cloud or external hard drive in case there were any surprises.  So after failing to reach a settled decision on the repair, I decided to take my computer home.  After watching an awesome Walking Dead episode, I decided to plug my baby up, to hear no noise.  I thought it didn’t work out in my favor but it did.  So this is reason this post now exist, is to say thank you, as I cross my fingers and hope it’s not like a one day thing and it goes back.  I am happy to have my silent and lovely Mac working and helping me be awesome in the world again.

Thank you Apple…

Let me know your thoughts…

Thanks for viewing,



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