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Run Until The Wheels Fall Off

Run Until The Wheels Fall Off

My 5k Run - Cross fit - wwwp5k - RawMultimedia Photography

I am going to keep running, and switch shoes until my feet fall and cry, that they can’t take no more.  Another day still at it, WordPress /Automattic Worldwide WP 5k (#WWWP5k) new sneaker on deck.  I fall these snakes here, comfy and noisy.

I can really say, these new hobby or challenge of mine of running is turning into a lot of fun.  I am super tired at nights and it’s bed time.  I sleep better when tired, and these 5k runs, surely do the trick.

How is your health these days?

Let me know your thoughts…

Thanks for viewing,


Photography by: Richardo A. Wilson | RawMultimedia
Art Direction by: Richardo A. Wilson | RawMultimedia


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