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Okay, So I Almost Died On The Treadmill

I Almost Died On The Treadmill

Nike 5k Run - Crossfit WordPress - wwwp5k - RawMultimedia Photography

So day two happened, and I almost died.  I was in shock, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t believe, until a song came across my headphones, with the lyrics, “These people won’t hold me back”, and somehow I lived.  You can call that song my I heard, my motivation to keep going.

Continuing my 5k run every day this week contributing to WordPress /Automattic Worldwide WP 5k (#WWWP5k) I wore a new sneaker today (see in picture above). I was really in the zone.  I was aching, I am was battered, I was hurting, but I had to champion my quest to win.

I wore my favorite running shoes today, my Nike neon green, blue and black sneaker.  After finding out I was so out of shape, I had to pull off a hail mary for beating my previous time of 37 mins to complete my 5k run.  With the grace of GOD, I was able to pull it off with the time of 32 mins.  I started off on a low pace of 6.0 for the first 20 mins, slowed down to a 4.0 for 2 mins, then went hard at a 6.2 pace to attempt to reach my goal.  I was successful.  There were moments, I didn’t think I could go anymore, until my favorite raps songs came into the headphones, I am was rapping every lyrics, while trying to catch my breath and pace myself, to be in a good flow to not give up.  Surely I didn’t have to try as hard as I did today, since it’s only day 2, but I am hard-headed.  Dangle a goal in front of me, and say it’s not impossible and watch me prove you wrong.  That’s one of my mentalities in life, try until you fail, the reconfigure to success.  It’s all about the strategy and execution.

At the end of the day of me working hard, there will be a big pay off in the end.  I will be back to my normal cardio maniac ways, and be in a familiar territory once again.

Do you believe I will be successful in running a 5k, 7 days straight?

Would you start on this annual worldwide 5k run or walk starting this year?

Let me know your thoughts…

Thanks for viewing,


Photography by: Richardo A. Wilson | RawMultimedia
Art Direction by: Richardo A. Wilson | RawMultimedia


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