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It’s Embarrassing How Out Of Shape I Am

My Embarrassing Tale At The Gym

5k Run - Crossfit - wwwp5k - RawMultimedia Photography

Wow, that was really embarrassing today, I pulled off the slowest 5k run I have ever did in my life…  As I tried to do a 5k run in the gym on the treadmill to contribute to WordPress /Automattic Worldwide WP 5k (#WWWP5k), I pulled off the worse timing ever.  I finished poorly with a 37 min estimated completion time.  I was like dang, I am out of shape.  I usually knock out a 5k run under 30 minutes (on average 24-27 minutes).  There wasn’t anyone there at the gym to be embarrassed by, I was just embarrassment in myself.  How did I let my fitness get this far off.

It’s been almost 3-4 weeks since I been in the gym.  Work had been eating up my time, until I had to make some really serious life decisions about my career, health and future.  I just came upon a new job and had to start letting go of all the distractions and tell many friends and family member a lot of Noooo’s.  I just can’t help them right now.  I have lost a bit of focus on myself.  Me trying to do this 5k run which is never such a struggle to me was proof I was seriously off my game.

Either way, today is day one of the Annual Event in which anyone in the whole can do.  Just complete a 5k run (aka 3.1 Miles) between October 26 – November 1, and you are a winner in life.  My goal this year to whip myself back into shape is to do a 5k run everyday for the week time frame from Oct. 26 – Nov. 1.  It’s going to be brutal.  I plan on taking a different sneaker out the closet for my run each day to represent me making my stride to a 5k run a day to get myself and life back in shape.

Have you ever ran a 5k?

Would you start on this annual worldwide 5k run or walk starting this year?

Let me know your thoughts…

Thanks for viewing,


Photography by: Richardo A. Wilson | RawMultimedia
Art Direction by: Richardo A. Wilson | RawMultimedia


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