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p style=”text-align:center;”>It’s okay to tell someone no when they try to label you,
You are who you say you are so do what you suppose to do,
Tell, don’t ask them to listen up for you are about to school them,
They need to worry more about themselves and do them.

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3 thoughts on “DEFINE YOU [#Quote]

    1. Inspired by a person and event…it happened to me way back then, I had to tell a lot of people who I am than what you thought I was based off of what i might seem to them. Like because I write rhymes, I must be a rapper. And I said to them, why can’t I just be a writer or poet or so on…Why the label you associate me to? But I saw the same thing happen to two of my colleagues so I am inspired to write an antidote/recipe for them.

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