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I knew today I wanted to reach a peak in life.  Today would have been my cousin’s birthday if he was still with us.  I been thinking a lot about life and my legacy and each year, I think to myself, I want to get bigger and better.  So whatever I think about and put into action usually comes to pass.  But none of it came without a great deal of hard work, structure and commitment.

So today is the day I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to fallen family member, and raise my hand in cheers to today beating my ALL TIME VIEWERSHIP RECORD in a day of 3,780 views, which I received being Freshly Pressed on WordPress 4 years ago on June 26, 2011.

Today I reached over 3,950 views just today…

It’s like a wow factor at times of how long I have been working and building.  I can now say I am super proud of my efforts and my investments and to see my growth going up is a super great feeling.

What is a goal of yours in life currently?

Thanks for reading,

One thought on “TO REACH A PEAK

  1. Congratulations and I am very proud of you! And the best thing about your success it that you are publishing things that are motivations to others! This helps THEM reach their own levels of success as well.


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