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Here is retro/vintage photo from my Dream Summer [Photo Series] photo session with Kennie.  He is a big promoter of passion and knowledge.  He is quite an inspiring musician with his music and his conversations, and this photo is him making a statement to the world, that his passion & ambitions will never stop.

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Photo CreditRichardo A. Wilson | RawMultimedia

3 thoughts on “PASSIONATE ABOUT THE FUTURE [#Photography]

    1. Very true… The blessings you still have to wait on. Some blessings come really late and with some luck we get them early. I use to think that too, I don’t believe in luck for being lucky. But I do believe in a bit of luck with a great dose of fate, we do just those blessings. That goes for running into the right person at the right time, get the call for a job we applied for randomly that one time and much more.

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