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love vs money

What do you have to offer the world?  What is it you can give and keep giving to yourself, the world, your family, or your friends?  Have you ever asked yourself, what if I just keep doing that, what would happen?  Do you believe in karma?  Well we have to set a good example in the things and efforts we take part in.  If there wasn’t good people, then things would be all bad.  You don’t have to give your everything to contribute to a good cause.  You just need contribute something on value, and you would have played your part.

I contribute to the world by:

I open and hold doors for people. (everybody)

I ask people how their days are going.

I ask my friends on a regular if there are problems they need solving.

I go to the store and buy coffee for my stressed co-workers and management staff.

I write little poems of positivity and humor to the all ladies at my job.  (Is that flirting?  Nah…lol)

I give people the benefit of the doubt at times and ignore ignorance and lack of morals, and teach a better way.

I correct people when they say this phrase, (I am going to ask a stupid question…with there is nothing called a stupid question if you need an answer to the question, you are simply searching for an answer that you have not found yet.)

How do you contribute to the good things of the world?

Leave your thoughts and opinions with me…

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3 thoughts on “GIVE MORE THAN YOU TAKE [#Thoughts]

  1. 1. I show people that its okay to be human.
    2. I step outside of my “solo” comfort zone to comfort those with quality time.
    3. I provide people an outlet to talk and vent about things without scrutiny.
    4. I help people find their passion and motivate them to act on it (in my job)
    5. I forgive those who have wronged me, over and over again.
    6. I donate to any cause every time I am prompted at a register to do so
    7. When driving, I always stop for people pulling out of a lot into traffic
    8. I smile at people when I walk down the street – sometimes a flirty one to make you feel attractive 🙂

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